Elimination of Anti-drug Antibodies

Since the launch of the first biopharmaceutical compound in 1982, the development and commercialization of ‘self’ derived protein therapeutics has exponentially increased. On average, 25% of research and development efforts in pharmaceutical companies are targeting protein therapeutics. The market size for biopharmaceuticals has grown to 140 billion US dollar in 2010.
However, the prospect of engineering ‘self’ derived protein therapies which are automatically tolerated by the immune system has not been as straight forward as originally envisaged. Several protein therapeutics have now been shown to stimulate immune responses directed against the therapeutic. Antibodies generated against these therapeutics in many cases neutralize their effect.

Based on its experience in identifying peptides to prevent Factor VIII intolerance, Apitope believes that its proprietary discovery platform is an important tool for the development of companion products for protein therapeutics. Since the soluble Apitopes® are able to induce targeted immune-tolerance, they present an interesting opportunity to decrease the impact of neutralizing antibodies.